Everything Ends.

I hit 500 posts on this account last night and wish I would have done this then.

But I think it is finally time to lay this account to rest.
I’ve had a lot of thoughts here, and I hope you have too.

I might answer a few questions if anyone is up to it, but you’ll have to give me a name.

Later Nerds.

Shit, I think I have to post more pictures and reblog and shit.

I hate tumblr.

Still sorry about your wall.

Still sorry about your wall.

Anonymous said: Have you ever cared about anyone?

I care about everyone.

Thats how I know.

Anonymous said: Are you going to grad school or straight into a career?

I have this idea that I dont have to do either.

If I can get a job, just any job, anywhere, I’ll be fine. I can go where I want to. I can move at the drop of a hat. I want the freedom.

But when reality rears its head, I see grad school. It’ll allow me to hide from that reality just a bit longer.

Anonymous said: They wouldn't be if they didn't care.

While endearing, and generally accepted as a well liked quality, in my experience, caring does not necessarily lead to a situation that is best for that person.

Not that I necessarily want noone to care, but that caring is not enough to make a decision a good one.

Anonymous said: People closest to you?

Probably shouldn’t be.

Anonymous said: What are you going to do with your degree?

That the “figure out what comes next” part.

When did I become a cynical asshole?

Last night was too much.


You wake up at 8 in the morning and you’re still a lot bit drunk.

Anonymous said: What are a few of you goals?

1. Be happy.
2. Finish my degree.
3. Figure out what comes next.

2 drunk 2 function

It feels like I only go backwards.

Anonymous said: Everyone's

Most of the ones I have deserve their spot as a secret, I think.

The thing about secrets is when you say them aloud, the lose their wonder.

Anonymous said: Why are you so cryptic?

Because the answer is worth thinking about.

Because continuing to question is more important than finding answers.

Because I don’t really know what the answers are.

Because I do know what the answers are.
And I’m afraid.

Pick one.